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Kyrina's Fangirl Journey Through Life
Warning: Contains silliness and angst
Good news and an awkward situation 
11th-Aug-2011 08:11 pm
I solemnly swear we are up to no good!
So, I got an email back from a potential supervisor who seems interested in my research ideas. I just need to apply now and I'm feeling optimistic.

Now the hard part: I need to figure out a way to survive in the UK between handing in my dissertation and starting my PhD. I will probably have a sofa to sleep on for awhile, but if I don't start my PhD until January I will likely need something else. I just need advice on work and/or a place to stay that won't cost me a lot. Once I get a job I can pay, but that won't happen immediately. I'm a hard worker (ok, I have my lazy moments, but if I'm at a job it's different than just having a long away deadline), pick up skills pretty easily, and will do almost any sort of work. Advice?
11th-Aug-2011 08:48 pm (UTC)
For work advice, visit the Jobcentre, and also register at the local employment agencies.

For accommodation, can the student union help with info on that?
11th-Aug-2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
I will do that :D

I'll look into that. I am also lucky in that I have a friend who will likely let me stay in her sofa for a bit while I get started.

It's all very intimidating, but I'm sure I'll get through it. Thank you!
11th-Aug-2011 08:51 pm (UTC)
Yay for the good news!

As for advice, I know nothing of Scotland, so I don't think I could help at all. I wish you good luck. ^_^
11th-Aug-2011 09:03 pm (UTC)
It is good to get something good.

Well, thank you anyway :) Good thoughts count for a lot.
11th-Aug-2011 09:05 pm (UTC)
I think you earned a bit of good news. :)

You're welcome.
11th-Aug-2011 09:06 pm (UTC)
I'm still behind on my dissertation, but this gives my brain some relief to help with focus.
11th-Aug-2011 09:08 pm (UTC)
Exactly. You have something good to aim for, something to look forward to. That always boosts up everyone's mood.
11th-Aug-2011 09:10 pm (UTC)
And it'll be an adventure in a new city... where I only need to worry about me.
11th-Aug-2011 09:12 pm (UTC)
Ooh, what new city? Didn't see anything about that.
11th-Aug-2011 09:14 pm (UTC)
Oh, I may be missing out on details. The supervisor for my PhD is in Stirling. It's admittedly not far away, and I'll probably do a lot of things in Glasgow still... but it's somewhere new.
11th-Aug-2011 09:17 pm (UTC)
Awesome. From what I've seen, Scotland is very beautiful. So even if you're just going a little ways from Glasgow, I bet you'd still see a lot.

I wonder if even going for a major in English... I could somehow get into school over there. Not necessarily Scotland, but the UK in general. >_> *ponders*
11th-Aug-2011 09:22 pm (UTC)
It is. I really need to go out and see more... when I'm done with some work.

You probably could. Admittedly, international student rates are somewhat unfriendly, but it's not especially challenging to get into a course.
11th-Aug-2011 09:27 pm (UTC)
Have you let the fangirl in you out to track down where David Tennant might live? XD

I'll have to do research. I know one college I'm looking at with send you to places like London for literary purposes.
11th-Aug-2011 09:29 pm (UTC)
I've avoided following my my instincts to attempt such things, even out of curiosity. :D He could honestly do a lot worse than me (and is doing worse)

Good luck with it. It's a worthy thing to try.
11th-Aug-2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
Haha. It must be hard. XD What do you mean is doing worse? Is there some bit of gossip I've missed?

I completely agree.
11th-Aug-2011 09:36 pm (UTC)
As an eccentric woman, I have the powers to sense when someone is bad news, and the one he has is bad news. (I admit that I sometimes ignore this sense for some of many reasons)
Let me make it sound dangerous and prophetic. She'll get what she wants from him before she leaves, and her daddy will tell everyone about it.

11th-Aug-2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
He's with the same girl that played his "daughter" in the third season right? Unfortunately I'm not finding a more recent news article on them through Google. I had actually forgotten they were or are dating.

So I guess DT is on bad terms with her father, who is apparently the ex-writer for DW Peter Davison? Maybe the girlfriend and her father are just douchebags.
11th-Aug-2011 09:51 pm (UTC)
Excuse me while I engage in gossip mode.

Yeah, that's the one. Oh, it's a train wreck of public images with avoiding eye contact and body language where she looks like she hates that she won't look at him (although once she had a 'smug bitch' face). An engagement he won't talk about, a child that has one of two similar, but different, names going around (depending on the paper it's reported in). And look at that, she's turning 27 this year (before it after the wedding that may or may not be happening... you know he "doesn't talk about that")

Oh, he's not the ex-writer for Peter Davison... her father is Peter Davison. And whenever he goes on interviews or to conventions, he brags about how he's going to have a dynasty now and about how they're smitten with each other... despite all the secrecy and shamed body language. He comes across as a man strutting around his new breeding stud.

So, I'm predicting that it'll either end in a super stealthy way soon... or drag on until she has a couple of kids and it breaks up in a huge boom of drama that can't be hidden. And then Peter Davison will tell everyone that DT devastated and used his daughter.
11th-Aug-2011 10:00 pm (UTC)
My uncle is under the impression that DT became cocky during his role as the Doctor and needed to go, which I find hard to believe but is possible. Don't know why I'm throwing that out there, I guess to get your input since we're talking about gossip and this crazy woman.

Sounds to me like she's only sticking around for his fame, but I don't know them personally so I can't quite say. I think I'm a bit biased when it comes to DT, so I hate her guts. Lol.

For that matter, why would DT stick it out if he's not willing to talk about the engagement? That just sounds fishy, like he's trapped. You'd think if he was happy, he'd talk about it all the time.

If Peter Davison does end up saying that, he needs to grow up. His daughter is old enough to make her own choices and I don't see what DT could use her for. He's already got fame and glory.
11th-Aug-2011 10:10 pm (UTC)
I've met (although admittedly didn't really talk with) DT due to going to stage door for Much Ado About Nothing, and he seemed a very genuinely nice man. He accepted the scarf I gave him and was nice, including posing for a picture with me. I can't help but wonder if he didn't have a good feeling about the direction of DW under a new writing regime. His Doctor was cocky and semi-sexual, but I feel DT didn't really like the idea of it passing beyond innuendo. Considering there was a pornography mention in 11's first episode... well, there could be conflict there. Think of it this way. People tried to kiss 10; Amy tries to have sex with 11.

I also admit I'm biased. I'm not sure if it's about the fame, although it might be. She plays very secretive but in the way that suggests it's only to play secret. So getting in the limelight by pretending to not want to be in the limelight.

I honestly think he is trapped. I think she pulled a "It's been a few years and he hasn't proposed... he's not around enough to notice if I forget a few pills. He'll propose then!" I'm not suggesting that he should be extremely chatty about it, but it seems like he works a lot to avoid her rather than cutting down on work to spend more time with her. There's also not talking about it in detail, and there's not talking about it at all. One suggests a desire for privacy and one suggests hoping it'll all go away if not talked about.

I don't think that matters to a man when dealing with his daughter. She could be shagging every man she makes eye contact with and he'd probably defend her as being the innocent one (*cough* Maybe she did already. It's probably the only way she could get work. *cough*)
12th-Aug-2011 09:08 pm (UTC)
It honestly does sound like he's a very sweet, awesome man. I've seen interviews and other things that make it so. I agree with you. The Doctor from the very beginning didn't really seem to want any kind of relationship past friends with any of his companions, except maybe to love them. And remember how he was dead set against guns? In season 5, he uses them. I love the show still, but it has gone into a direction even I'm going "wait a minute...".

I don't get people who have relationships like that, but I understand it. It took me awhile to break up with my ex despite all his assholeishness. But I was never afraid to talk about it. Hopefully he'll cut it off before it gets too bad. I believe people should not stay together for a child if they're not happy.

True. A lot of men, especially men with power or money, turn a blind eye to their daughters.
12th-Aug-2011 09:18 pm (UTC)
I did also startle the poor man with Plushie Ten (accidentally, I promise). He comes across as genuinely nice though.

Admittedly, the Doctor has overall had a more complicated relationship with weapons than Ten had with them. It seems to be along the complicated realms of if it's against a humanoid type creature compared to something more animal or robotic, and which incarnation he's in. I can accept that a bit, (meaning: the Doctor is a filthy hypocrite!) but the Doctor and sexuality is a bit more bothersome. It's not just even about if the Doctor is sexual as much as how much sexuality belongs in the show. Even if it's companion/companion sex... it's just not that type of show. I'm still heavily bothered by the Amy pregnancy plot. There are things that belong in canon Doctor Who plot... and some things that should remain in fandom and fanfiction land.

I've admittedly stuck through relationships for far too long when they've gone badly. I either hope things will get better or feel like I'm somehow in the wrong to end them. I honestly hope he ends it before it gets bad (or that I'm wrong and that it's all sunshine and rainbows... but I doubt that one.)

And he should be on her side. He shouldn't be bragging about her relationship in public though.
13th-Aug-2011 07:27 pm (UTC)
What was his reaction to seeing Plushie Ten? XD

Nine was even against guns, so I thought it was a continuous Doctor peeve. Hm, I'll have to rewatch the series (which I would do anyways) and see what creatures he's up against when he refuses to use guns. I know there's a few episodes. I agree completely, I wasn't expecting any kind of sexual scene, mild or not, to appear in the show. You're right, it's just not that type of show. I wonder what the point of it was. If Amy and the Doctor had formed some kind of relationship, then I could maybe seen it. However, the Doctor having a relationship with anyone seems to go against it, too. And River being their child? What? What is the point?! Unfortunately I haven't seen anymore episodes since the one where baby River was kidnapped and River tells them everything. I just... I don't know. I'm still enjoying the series a lot, I just think they could have gone in a different direction.

I don't want to see a sad and depressed DT. :(

I'm all for being on their child's side... as long as they accept their child is not perfect.
13th-Aug-2011 07:51 pm (UTC)
He was startled. What happened was I was up front but letting people get stuff signed over me (like reaching over me). I meant to get his attention for a picture, but he passed by. For some reason, I thought the best idea I could do would be to try to get his attention with a polite something like "Excuse me, come back here" (not exact words, I hope) and to wave Plushie Ten. I don't even know if he actually heard me, but he turned around and saw Plushie Ten. And he sort of looked startled. Not frighted, just startled. Not all people can handle the Plushiest of the Time Lords.

Nine was also pretty anti-gun. I more mean classic series, although I can't think of any really big examples offhand.
It really shows that Steven Moffat is a fandom boy (really, there are old usenet posts of him discussing the Doctor's sexuality during the 90s). I can appreciate that, given the amount of time spent in my social circles discussing different aspects of the Doctor... but that stuff belongs in fandom for a reason. It bothers me to see the idea of companions trying to be sexual with him.
I'm still so annoyed at that and for many reasons. River's story doesn't make any sense without seeing all of it (I miss episodes that could be enjoyed alone!) Oh, and that's the last episode shown so far. They're not continuing S6 until the end of the month. I'm deciding if I should watch, although I probably will.

I don't want to see him sad either. He just needs to change something. :/

That's the other thing though. Her father may privately disagree with her, while publicly getting on him. It all depends on a lot of complicated matters (when it ends, who moves out, who dates again first, if it ends due to anyone, etc)

14th-Aug-2011 10:17 pm (UTC)
At least it got his attention. XD He was probably flattered, but too startled to show it. I would have been.

Perhaps they're trying desperately to keep their fans interested and resorted to putting in a bit of love/rape? Although for myself, and you from what it sounds like, I don't need that to stay interested.

I wonder why they cut the season so short. o.O I had heard they were going to do it, but I didn't think it was after that episode.

I bet he's getting his rocks off. -_-
14th-Aug-2011 11:25 pm (UTC)
I hope so. Poor Plushie Ten would like to hug his human at some point.

I think it's more writer wish fulfilment. It's as uncomfortable as if people I know who write porn suddenly got to write episodes, without having anyone to restrain them. Suddenly fanfic material becomes canon!

Not cut short as much as split in two. The stuff at the end of August is still series 6 (it'll get a full 13 episodes between the two chunks)

He could get his rocks off with far more interesting and clever women. I doubt she's so good at sex as to make up for her blatant bad personhood.
24th-Aug-2011 12:42 pm (UTC)
Who wouldn't? XD

I can see that. Unfortunately we have no control over it... although I wonder how many fans are displeased by it. >_>

Oops, I guess I worded it wrong. I wonder why they decided to split the season? And I actually heard they might be ending the show soon, like they did years ago, stopping at Eight.

Maybe she was just available? I wonder if they started dating right after they met for "The Doctor's Daughter" or if it was before. He may have liked her on set, then afterwards kinda got trapped.
3rd-Sep-2011 09:13 pm (UTC)
Ooops. I only remembered this reply after I was looking at something (I'm so sorry. My only excuse is being really busy)

True. We have no control, and it's why it sometimes annoys me so much. If I could tell them both off (thus feeing a bit empowered), I'd be able to feel better. Since I can't, I don't feel better.

I heard the reason was due to people not liking to be in at 7pm on a Saturday in the middle of summer. I can appreciate that.

That's what I'm thinking. He liked her, but not enough to really want to be with forever. But then her son started to like him (it's why I never date parents) and so he felt guilty. And then look "ooops". Now he's stuck. She has his balls in a jar.
6th-Sep-2011 07:51 pm (UTC)
It's all good, I've been busy myself. Moving, packing, etc. :)

Of course if anyone could do that, this world would be completely different. For the better or the worse. We just have to sit back and think really hard at them. Kind of like yelling at the girl who's going upstairs to see what that strange noise is, us knowing it's something that's going to kill her, but she can't hear us. Yeah...

Really? That's why? I can understand it, I guess. But if I had the opportunity to work on that set, I'd be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >_>

That's how a lot of relationships happen. Always kids.
12th-Aug-2011 05:20 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised. You're starting to make sense about DT's relationship. But, I'll stop there, because I don't think I feel comfortable about talking about his private life, like I used to.

By the way, about the accomodation, you could try http://www.couchsurfing.org/
12th-Aug-2011 09:20 pm (UTC)
Understandable. I'm a bit odd about it. I feel bad about coming up with thoughts about it... but it won't leave my brain. I can't help but be honest about it.

Thank you. I'm lucky to have a friend who has agreed to help so I'm good with that (at least for a few weeks).
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