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Kyrina's Fangirl Journey Through Life
Warning: Contains silliness and angst
A really long due update 
3rd-Sep-2011 10:53 pm
Geek is the New Sex
It's been really long since my last update and so I want to get the whole update out there. I'm really hoping it interests a few of you enough to read it.

Let me think. I am staying in my place alone for right now. Poor cindy_lou_who8 had to go back to Boston. I feel really bad for her not getting her loans, but I admit I do like having the space. I also admit that I'm not sure how to keep affording things but I'm clever and will figure something out.

My paper was due on the 1st. I'm on a sort of extension. I should be done in the next few days and get it in by the 7th or so. It's still scary, but I'm going to get it done. Same with my PhD application and my job search. Oh, I also get to do that.

I do have some more news though. I'm making and selling sonic screwdriver earrings.

£10 per pair, plus postage. Interested people should contact me :D

Oh, and it's just over a week until my 26 mile walk for ovarian cancer research and I still need sponsors.

A lot is up in the air right now, but I'm working on staying optimistic. It's all I can do.
4th-Sep-2011 04:27 am (UTC)
I happen to have the right icon for this post.

I'm really glad that you're getting creative and staying optimistic through this. I hope somehow, it can rub off on Cindy.
4th-Sep-2011 04:37 am (UTC)
That is a nice icon for this :)

I do optimism pretty well naturally. I'm hoping she'll feel better soon. I've been trying to help her.
7th-Sep-2011 07:43 pm (UTC)
Poor cindy_lou_who8. :( Maybe she'll get a chance to go back.

But I bet the space is nice. I know exactly how that feels.

Cute earrings!
7th-Sep-2011 08:15 pm (UTC)
Maybe she will. I'm hoping for her.

I end up feeling bad for appreciating the space so much. I can't help it. The only way I want to share my space is maybe for... actually, he doesn't get to share my space either. He can visit my space but even in my fantasies I don't actually co-own a space with my fantasy male. I need to be able to have my own stuff, in my own space, and power over my space.

Thank you. They are for sale ;)
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