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Kyrina's Fangirl Journey Through Life
Warning: Contains silliness and angst
My ego is having a crisis at a bad moment 
5th-Aug-2011 08:18 pm
Not the bananas!
I really hate to complain. I don't mind the occasional bits of it, but I really hate when it drags on and so I really hate how I feel right now.

You see, last Tuesday I went in to talk to my professor about my paper and... it was just apparently all wrong. Sounds easy to just rewrite with what she told me to do but it's like my brain froze. I couldn't work for days. I'd just try and try and nothing comes out. I'm still having the problem. If it wasn't right before because it's too reliant on secondary sources... well, I don't have many more primary sources to emphasise. I'm just worried I'm not good enough at any of this. I just feel like I look at it and nothing comes out. I'm afraid the next draft will just be worse. I'm supposed to get something to my professor in a few days and I now have under 2k words and they're most all the words I thought I could use from my old draft.

This is all due in under a month and it's like my brain shut down. I just keep being told that it'll work out, but I'm really stressed about it and I need something else. Yes, I'm goofing off a bit but I don't know what to do. I have a vague outline and it does nothing. Seriously nothing.
5th-Aug-2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
keeping you in my thoughts and prayers hon. Best of luck
5th-Aug-2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
first your professor had hardly even READ the paper, so I take what she said with a grain of salt. I also do not trust her since she fucked you over, IMO.

SO what I would do is to keep what you have written and change the intro like I outlined for you with the questions clearly stated and explain to her that these are the questions and all you have written is PERFECTLY FUCKING FINE. I've read it all over, she has not. So.

That being said. DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING. Keep what you have and add to it, clarifying what you have. And if she wants more primary sources, well fuck her b/c there may not be any and you have to rely on what you can actually obtain at this stage unless she is willing to give you an extension and money to live off of.

Before you have to give it to her again I will proofread again for you. Do not worry. I will help you through this. It will be fine you have plenty of time, and it isn't like apparently a day matters here, since no one takes these deadlines seriously.
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